Mar. 12th, 2009

There is no such thing as "away". At least when it comes to throwing things away. The real world isn't like WoW, where when you drop something it's destroyed forever. When you throw something out, it ends up somewhere. These days, it usually ends up in a hole in the ground. It used to end up burned. It doesn't disappear. That's something we're going to have to face, now, and for the rest of the future. (Well, barring nanotech that can break down waste and rebuild it into whatever you want, but if we get to the point of having that kind of universal assembler, the world will be completely different anyway. But even then we'd still need to make sure things got put into the assemblers for them to break down.)
Proscrastination is one of my greatest flaws. But really, it's kind of pointless. Procrastination is a matter of putting something off in favor of something more fun. But whatever you're going to do is probably not as fun as having stuff accomplished, in the long run. And it's harder to have fun doing it when you've got this other stuff you're supposed to be doing hanging over you. But it sure seems easier in the short run.

So basically, what I need to do is apply the hacker principle of applied laziness to the rest of life.



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