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I'm sure most of you won't care, since this is politics, but you should. So Sandra Day O'Connor, the moderate conservative Supreme Court Justice is retiring, and Bush is going to get to appoint her replacement. You know what this means? It means we're screwed. The fundamentalist nuts have been pushing for years, and the Republicans have put them off because they didn't have the Presidency, or the Senate, or something, so couldn't force through a nut. Now they control the Presidency, the Senate, and the House. So the rest of us are screwed. Anybody out there who actually believes Bush will appoint a centrist, rather than the most extreme and divisive person he can? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Didn't think so.

So who's he gonna appoint? I don't know, but all of the options are bad news. Alberto "Torture" Gonzales? He's bad enough, but there's no way the fundamentalist nuts would let him get appointed, he's not crazy enough. Somebody like Janice Rogers Brown, who said that the New Deal was America's "own socialist revolution"? She's a possibility, and she already got appointed to the federal bench through the "compromise" in the Senate. Whoever it is, they're probably going to be at least as bad as her. And the Democrats gave up their only lever of power.

The stupid fucking Democrats. For the love of monkeys, they're the most incompetent and useless party ever. If there was any other option, I'd ditch them. But they don't even seem to get it, or have any idea how to be an opposition party. You don't compromise with people who aren't trustworthy and will use any compromise as a point to exploit you the next time something comes up. And you don't give up your only lever of power to seem "reasonable" and let insane people into the courts. I mean, holy shit. Okay, so seven Democrats and seven Republicans "compromised" to prevent Bill Frist from trying to destroy the Senate. Great idea, fellows. Except now you gave up the filibuster, the ONLY WEAPON YOU HAD, and Bush is going to be appointing one, maybe two nuts to the Supreme Court. YOU DON'T COMPROMISE WITH PEOPLE WHO'VE USED YOUR OTHER COMPROMISES TO BETRAY YOU. YOU ARE NOT THE PARTY IN POWER. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE LIKED BY THE REPUBLICANS WHEN THEY'RE JUST GOING TO SMILE AND STAB YOU IN THE BACK WITH THE NEXT VOTE. For the love of monkeys! The Republicans in Congress have proved, over and over and over again, that they're going to vote with Bush, no matter what crazy thing he wants done or crazy person he wants to appoint. And the Democrats don't get it, and keep signing their own death warrant, and with that, the death warrant for the America we all grew up believing in. Thanks, guys. Maybe Bush'll appoint a nutjob Libertarian, who'll help rule government unconstitutional. Back to the Gilded Age of robber barons! Woo! Social Security? Medicare? Pah, a country needs not these things. Everyone knows the poor are lazy and unworthy, fuck 'em. Gotta protect every life until five seconds after they're born, then hey kiddo, you're on your own. That's the kind of Supreme Court we have to look forward to. Great. Fucking lovely. Thanks, guys!

Some people have tried to find "good points" in that liberals "won't depend on the courts." Yeah, sure. That's like looking for the good points in a worldwide plague, "Well, we won't be stressing the ecosystem so much." Yeah, sure, great. Maybe we could get there without the whole part of intense suffering and death, y'know?

We are SO fucked.

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