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So the Republican presidential candidates had another debate that featured plenty of posturing and attempts to out-tough guy each other.

And included plenty of flat-out lies, like this bit where Rudy Giuliani sure looks like he's claiming Iran already has nuclear weapons.

"GIULIANI: Part of the premise of talking to Iran has to be that they have to know very clearly that it is unacceptable to the United States that they have nuclear power. I think it could be done with conventional weapons, but you can't rule out anything and you shouldn't take any option off the table.

And during the debate the other night, the Democrats seemed to be back in the 1990s. They don't seem to have gotten beyond the Cold War. Iran is a threat, a nuclear threat, not just because they can deliver a nuclear warhead with missiles. They're a nuclear threat because they are the biggest state sponsor of terrorism and they can hand nuclear materials to terrorists.

And we just saw it just last week in New York, an attempt by Islamist terrorists to attack JFK airport; three weeks ago, an attempt to attack Fort Dix."

Via Obsidian Wings and the redoubtable hilzoy.

That man? Has no business being President. He's either completely ignorant, or a liar, or probably both. Which makes him a perfect successor for George W. Bush.

But seriously, the entire Republican leadership is completely disconnected from reality and so busy trying to prove who's "tougher" they don't know or care if what they say or do actually makes anyone safer. It's all about fearmongering and lies and ohnoes teh gay! Is that really what US politics has descended to? And the Democrats in Congress are so scared of Bush calling them mean to the troops they won't even stand up at all to try and end the pointless and counterproductive occupation of Iraq. A position, I might add, that a majority of the country supports, and was what helped drive them into the positions of power they have now.
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