I've been thinking lately, so many of our alleged political and corporate leaders call themselves the sane, sensible, smart ones, and then get up in fancy suits and tell us absolutely crazy things they expect us to believe. So the idea this is giving me is to run for office somewhere, as a mad scientist. Tell everybody front up I'm crazy. Because when you're crazy, not only can you get away with saying things, and get all sorts of fun media attention, you can also explain that you're crazy because you dare to question the craziness that everybody else takes for granted. Running from outside the asylum, in some sense.

In that vein, here's Dr. Steel's video about Building a Utopian Playland.
These autonomous flight tricks are awesome. Almost unreal to watch. Luckily these things are so little I don't think they could carry any weapons, so we're safe from the robot dragonfly revolution... FOR NOW.


May. 25th, 2010 12:48 am
Sylvia's Super-Awesome Maker Show is both super awesome and one of the cutest things ever.


Jan. 4th, 2008 11:52 am
Well, the very first state in the presidential primaries is over. Mike Huckabee, preacher and proponent of the bullshit "Fair Tax" scheme won the Republicans, and Rudy Guiliani, who's quite possibly more authoritarian and scary than George W. Bush came in last. Even behind Ron Paul.

On the Democratic side, Barak Obama won, and John Edwards edged out Hillary Clinton, and most everyone else was distant.. I can't say I'm upset by this. Hillary Clinton is better than any of the Republicans running, but I get the feeling she'd be the one most likely pushed to start a wa if she was President. And we don't have enough of an army for the occupations we have, much less another war.

Of the other two, I lean more towards Edwards, because Obama's given too much play to some of the bullshit right-wing talking points about things like health care, and because Edwards is more willing to speak up and take on the corporate assholes who are helping ruin the country.

That said, I'd be more than happy to support either of them as President. And Obama makes a mean speech, but Edwards is no slouch himself. See for yourself.

Obama's Speech )

Edwards' Speech )
I give you, Trans Siberian Orchestra and choreographed lights.

The same guy also did Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) the year before.

I have many other things I haven't blogged about yet, but for now I give you these links, stolen from Slacktivist.

John Rogers of Kung Fu Monkey on the Writer's Strike again. He has two simple explanations for the strike. The cake is a lie. And the tigers went tiger.

Not the Daily Show, with some writer

Not the Colbert Report

Ask a Ninja on the Writer's Strike Back

That should make the writer's strike clear, I hope.


Sep. 11th, 2007 09:56 am
Shaneon Garrity linked this music video of "Explode,"  by Balthrop, Alabama from one of the Narbonic commentaries.  It's a fun song and the video looks like the band's all having fun.  Enjoy it!  Unless you're on dialup, then you'd have to like sit and wait and stuffs.
Wow. Watching Bill O'Reilly acting self-righteous about "haters" and websites and TV shows that "smear" people almost made my head explode. He attacked dailykos, a giant many-many user site of blogs and diaries and things related to politics as a "hate site" based on a few trolling comments and one comment that somebody called the Pope a primate. Um, Bill? The Pope is a primate. He's the Primate of Rome, and he's also a human being, part of the family of primates.

And then he went and harassed the president of JetBlue, because JetBlue was providing some transport and stuff to the YearlyKos convention. And JetBlue wussed out. This link is to an open letter to the president of JetBlue, and contains the first Bill O'Reilly clip. Wherein he compares DailyKos to the KKK and Nazis. And JetBlue wussed out.

Bill O'Reilly, who has been on TV spreading hate and smearing people for years and year, getting up on his high horse and lying about other people as "haters" and then lecturing about how it's the duty of all people to ignore haters? Yeah, my head almost exploded. Irony is indeed dead.
Remember how the impeachment farce for Bill Clinton was "not about the sex, it was about the lies" according to Serious Media People and the Republicans?

Okay, let's pretend for a moment that Serious Media People and Republicans have any kind of intellectual integrity.

By that logic, the first half of this video should be enough to get pretty much the entire Bush administration impeached. I'll wait over here while they start the proceedings.

*crickets chirp*

(Not that anything in that video wasn't public knowledge to begin with years ago, hell, the fact there weren't WMD in Iraq was proved before the war. But y'know, who cares about little things like Truth, terrorists might blow up your airplane with soda! My country is completely fucking crazy.)
This was exactly the kind of absurd and amazing thing I needed to see right now.
A short little CG trailer I found linked over at Elf Only Inn. Pretty nifty, though I kept wondering why they never broke out the tanks. Because it's about giant robots fighting, of course.
An F4 Phantom jet hits a wall at 500 mph.

Airplanes are pretty fragile things at hundreds of miles an hour. Not that this will kill off any of the OMG CONSPIRACY things stupid people keep circulating, still.
After watching This video of one of the takes from the White and Nerdy video. One of the best parts, about 1:53, he signs the letters for ROTFL.

Seriously, that's crazy dancing, and he's having so much fun!

(via [livejournal.com profile] theferrett)

For Carp

Nov. 14th, 2006 10:07 pm
Make your own Cthulhoid monstrosities with cornstarch and sound. (all are youtube videos) And seriously freaking creepy.

Cornstarch Lifeform (turn sound down/off before playing
Cornstarch Monster 1
Cornstarch Monster 2
Amazing Liquid
I'm not sure if I'd find this song half so hypnotic without the video. Because I really like the video, I dig the design of the whole thing. The song's pretty catchy too.

Kermit the Frog on the Daily show. He totally runs rings around Jon Stewart. It's weird and awesome!
But I can't. The animation's too cute, and the song's too catchy and funny. And it's a song about the Internet! It's called "Less Than Three"


I'm conflicted. I suspect I'll get over it.

Must stop hitting replay. The song's too catchy!

EDIT: Relapse pointed out that Fors would totally love this song. I have to agree. I can see him bouncing around singing it after hearing it. And he'd want a pair of those headphone dealies.



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