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I've also been watching Cosmos on Hulu lately too.


Jul. 16th, 2010 10:21 am
In light of today's XKCD about Mr. Rogers, here's a link to Mr. Rogers facts, a link to a video of Mr. Rogers saving PBS from Congress, and the Sesame Street video of crayons being made which isn't relevant at all, but it reminded me of it. EDIT: Apparently Mr. Rogers did a crayon making video too, you can see it here, but the Sesame Street one is the one I remember.


Nov. 19th, 2009 02:51 pm
No, not that one. The other one, that doesn't have 4channers dressing up as it to harass scientologists. The modern remake of the old miniseries, which I never saw. We watched the first episode, which was most notable for the inclusion of two ex-Firefly people. Spoilers and rantification )

And in other Firefly cast things, here's Nathan Fillion's Halloween costume.
I give you: The Futurama Movie Trailer.


Apr. 2nd, 2007 12:20 pm
So I've been watching the first and second seasons of the new Dr. Who. Hadn't watched any before. And I just have one word. Brilliant.

So Awesome

Jan. 31st, 2007 09:02 pm
I realize everybody already saw this at boingboing, but still. A guy in a Max Headroom mask overrode the signal of two stations in Chicago, back in 1987.

I kinda wish that kind of thing happened more often. It'd be annoying but cool.
Y'know, every time I look at the cast and writing lists for old cartoons, I get surprised by some of the big names who were involved. Even if they weren't all big then. Like today I found out Tim Curry did voices for Darkwing Duck. And according to wikipedia, he did voices for half a dozen other awesome cartoons too. No wonder I can recognize his voice so easily and think he's so awesome.
But I finally got around to watching the first two discs of Firefly last night.

Holy crap, it's amazing. But watching it, some of the very things that make me find it amazing are probably the same kinds of things that doomed it ratings-wise.

But even so, now I actually have to see the rest of the series, and the movie. Because they're really really good.

I busted up so hard when this came on TV over at a friend's. Because I knew what he was talking about after the first five words.
Hearing the Star Trek theme can give you goosebumps.

And now I want to go watch Star Trek. The original series. But the collections are like $100 a pop. That's @$!#ing ridiculous.

Yeah, it was cheesy, and the special effects haven't always aged well, but so what? It was good. And for all the razzing we collectively give Shatner, James T. Kirk is still one of the archetypal geek heroes. Right up there in the pantheon with Luke, Optimus Prime, Voltron, and superheroes.

Optimistic Sci-fi television. Where the good guys are actually good. We need more of that on network TV. That doesn't suck, like Enterprise sadly did.
I watched the Global Frequency Demo (the word is pilot, ferret, pilot) finally, and it is quite good. Smart, plausible, comic book action, converted from the comic series of the same name by Warren Ellis. No wonder the network executives didn't pick it up.
Now that I have broadband, but not cable, I've been watching some clips of the Daily Show, and it's fucking hilarious. Which really isn't news, but hey. Jon Stewart is brilliant, and it's just great.

For example, here's a link to a clip about the Air France flight that crashed up in Canada and everybody got out alive. And for people not on broadband, he's talking about how all of the media kept calling it a "miracle", and the money quote: Soiler of sorts )
So I was bored, and didn't want to get on the computer yet, so I turned on the TV a bit ago. It was around noon, so mostly news and nothing on. I ended up switching back and forth between two of the local PBS stations (We have 3 in the Washington-ish area, it's kinda weird), one had three guys playing Indian music, probably local guys near the station, but maybe not. On the other was this incredibly trippy children's program. It started out with these dancing gumdrop shaped things, and had lots of rainbows, and a "Story Family" with people named Mrs. Lady, Mr. Man, and similar, who had to be related by adoption. Apparently, it's called "Boohbah" and is designed to get kids to exercise or something. That, or prepare them for drug trips, I'm not sure which. Definitely one of the trippiest things I've seen lately.

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