I'll be gone this weekend to MoCCA, in New York City. Be back Sunday evening, exhausted but with loot and pics.

Sorry to the RP folks, this summer maybe wasn't the brightest time to start running an RP, huh?
Damn, looking through the pics to upload them's been making me want to go back to New York City.

The thing I noticed the most about New York City, besides it being awesome, is something I'm not sure I can explain well. I hadn't been to New York City in, I think, like fifteen years. The last time we'd gone, I was early teens at the oldest, and all I remember was we went to the American Museum of Natural History. And all I remember of that really was the giant blue whale hanging overhead, and being really thirsty and not feeling well. I was just starting to get sick and spend the next day half-delirious in bed. But even then, we hadn't spent much time in New York City. But it felt familiar, like after part of the first day, yeah I was going "OOH! Look at the awesome buildings!" But I wasn't worried about getting lost, even when I forgot my map, I felt like I knew the city, and I belonged. Part of that was probably because almost all the time there were around a dozen people there I was hanging out with. And part of it might be because New York City's familiar from books and TV shows and movies and games and everything else. And part of it was probably just because I like cities. I'm a city ferret, for all I haven't really lived in any very long. And I never felt in danger in New York, partly because we were usually in a group, and on Manhattan, but everybody I met in New York was friendly and helpful. And I was happy the whole time. If I had the money, I'd live in NY. At least for a while.

I'm putting the details, and the pictures, behind an LJ cut )

Man. These take a lot longer to write than I figured. And I'm only halfway through New York. But I'll leave it there for now, to finally get something up. If anybody has suggestions on how I should write them more concisely, feel free. These keep feeling like I'm just babbling and not really getting anywhere on describing the things that happened.
I accumulated a rather silly amount of random paper on my trip. Ticket stubs, receipts, maps, flyers, all sorts of assorted cruft that found its way into my pockets and thence into the big pocket on the front of my suitcase. I'm currently engaged in sorting through it, to decide what's worth keeping and what's simply trash. The maps I'll keep, since I'm a sucker for maps. The rest of it, I don't know. I suppose it depends on the cruft, and if it has any kind of sentiment attached to it, or if it's just a "Huh. I must have picked this up in X" thing. I'm going to try and not keep much of it, I have plenty of random crap to sort through and get rid of already lying around, I don't need more papers. But still, it's an interesting archaeological way to dig up what happened on the trip. Except I've already been there, I know what happened.


Jul. 5th, 2006 11:09 pm
It's kinda creepy how much information cameras save to the pictures they take. I imagine it's not that hard to strip it out, but I just noticed it when I was uploading some pics to flickr so I can start posting things about my trip. Well, since I have to be at work StupidEarly tomorrow, the post will have to wait.
On the very last leg of my trip, I had an idea. I was worried that I might have forgotten to get something cool, but then I figured "Eh, I can just ask somebody I know who lives there to go buy me one of those cool souvenirs." I'd been there after all, so it wasn't like I was getting the souvenir for no good reason.

But then I thought, why not? I know people all over the place, I could probably ask them to mail me random souvenir, even just a postcard, from where they live or somewhere cool nearby. All the knick-knacks, none of the travel. And the thing is, people who live somewhere usually don't do touristy stuff. Sometimes to the extent they've never done the awesome things everyone "has" to do when they visit wherever. That'd give them an excuse to play tourist in their own city and see things with different eyes.

Pretentious psychology part aside, I'm still not sure it's really a cool idea. And so I ask you, my friends, do you think having people mail you souvenir from where they live would be cool or lame?


Jun. 21st, 2006 09:30 am
Okay, I'm still alive, and I'm in Seattle right now, at [livejournal.com profile] evilcarp's. I don't think I'm going to post a summary or anything right now, because I'm lazy and would rather be out doing awesome things. But I haven't been murdered or mugged or anything on the whole trip, so that's one less thing to worry about. Later I might post to [livejournal.com profile] snarkoleptics about the actual con part of MoCCA, but I'm not sure, I didn't actually do that much comics-related at the con. Too busy running around New York.
Okay, anybody have suggestions for CDs or books to take with me? I think my book mix is pretty set, though. I'm gonna bring Earth, by David Brin, Perdido Street Station, and I have several candidates for the third one.

As for CDs, I'm going to burn some mix CDs, and burn copies of some others, there's no sense in risking any of the originals on a trip. I have room for 24 CDs, but I don't have to fill the case up, I'm probably only going to need music while I'm actually traveling, when I'm somewhere, I should be doing something cool that doesn't need me listening to a CD player.
But I wish I'd found http://wikitravel.org sooner. I should have figured there'd be a travel wiki. Man. This sure would have made life easier. Now I know for next trip!
Okay, so, stuff I need to take on my trip.

The obvious, clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, etc.
Phone, camera, pencil, pen paper.
Burned CDs, CD player, water bottles.
Insulated lunchbox? Sleeping bag, pillow.
Maps. 50' rope, you always need that on adventures.
(Added) Set of dice, deck of cards, multitool, asprin, towel, batteries, charger.

Anybody have suggestions for things I should remember to bring?
Current Itinerary, tentative:

June 9-14, NYC/MoCCA
June 15-19, Milwaukee etc
June 20-26 Seattle, WA

I still need to get confirmation on a couple things, but it looks like train to NYC, bus to Milwaukee, then I have to resort to planes to Seattle and back. Anybody in the area who knows of awesome things to do any of those times, let me know!
This summer, as I've said, I plan to go a-wandering a bit. And I would like to document this visually as well as with words. And the best way to do that in this modern age of marvelous magic is with a digital camera. However, I'm not full of money to splurge on such a thing. But buying something cheap and crappy rather than something good and durable is a recipe for bad things. So, I turn to you, the LJ-having public that I actually know, what's a good digital camera that's not uber-expensive? Good quality pictures and good storage are nice, though obviously I can buy a new flash card, and will probably have access to the Internet so I can store the pictures somewhere like Flickr. And where's a good place to buy one?
Dudes. It looks like a bunch of peoples I know on a comic forum are planning to hit NYC for a convention in July, involving road trips and awesome people. And then maybe go to Boston afterwards. Man, that even totally matches my plans for an awesome trip over the summer, and I'd probably head out to Seattle, but probably would want to go to parts of Canadia and Wisconsin too first. Anywhere else I should try and plan for? (Besides Australia.)
One of the things I really need (and want) to do is travel. That and I really need to do something cool with my life. And the fact that I know people living in several sections of the United States (as well as around the world), I had an idea, especially since I'm poor. I could tour the US and meet people at the same time, and save money. By making my trip match up to the places where people I know live. Preferably ones who have couches I could crash on, thus the title of the trip. It won't be till summer some time, and I'm guessing it will probably involve heading up the northeast coast of the US, then maybe out toward the Cheese States, then maybe hop a plane to Washington state and go down the west coast, then maybe fly back. It all depends on where people I could crash with live.

Any volunteers?

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