Hellboy II

Jul. 19th, 2011 02:50 pm
Yeah, I know, I'm way behind on movies, what can I say? So I just finished watching Hellboy II, and it was pretty good. There was one major thing that bugged me though, the part where (spoilers) Hellboy rescues the baby and defeats the giant forest god thing, and... the cops and the lady whose baby he rescued turn against him because something something. I mean yeah, there was just this huge wrecking of that street, and they all witnessed something miraculous (in the sense of divine/supernatural intersecting the regular world) but I'm not sure why they turned against Hellboy.

There were some other bits kinda like that, where things just seemed a little sloppier than necessary. And I really with the princess had challenged her brother at the end, or done something a little more than she did. Or if they'd just made her into something more than Ms. Exposition and a girl for Abe to moon over. Maybe they're not really flaws, just places I would have done things a little differently.
Well, since our dear leaders have decided that interest rates (that are exceeding low), and "crowding out", and Very Serious Invisible Bond Traders, which all allegedly come from federal deficits, as opposed to say, the unemployment rate that's up around 9%, it's very hard to find a job. So that's led to thinking about ideas on what kind of job I can make. Now, while I'd much prefer a job saving the world, and doing the stuff I spent years going back to school for, that's not worked so far.

Well, what about starting an engineering company? Well, there's issues there with getting a license, which requires working with already licensed engineers for a length of time, plus getting contacts for jobs, and starting something without a reputation or experience. So for the moment, that's not really looking practical.

Computers? Well, I know them, but I'm not a hardware guy, and I haven't kept up at all with programming languages, network stuff, or anything like that. So I could learn it, but I don't have any of the credentials or experience there.

Working for somebody else in retail sucks, especially in a crappy economy, which is where I'm currently stuck.

So, what kind of retail could I do? Well, the most obvious is a nerd shop, probably comics and games. I worked at a game store for five years, I've been friends with people who ran comic shops, I know both those markets pretty well anyway. And it'd give the possibility of creating a place for people to come and meet and have fun and interact, and that'd be good.

Comic/Game shops are hard, though. They're operating in a relatively small market, comics are non-returnable for little guys, and costs four bucks and up each. That aside, there's also a lot of stereotypes about comic and game shops, like they're essentially some dude's basement. And there really are ones like that. Or just look at The Ferrett's column about his FLGS. There is a comic shop chain here in Savannah, but as their webpage shows, they have a bit of hoarder in them too. Plus there's nothing else to that site besides that page. But the pictures, with the T-Shirts hanging from the ceiling and the confusion, that's not so appealing. The hobby shop I worked in had some of that too. We kept it mostly clean, but it was piled with stuff, especially trains, almost to the ceiling on a lot of shelves. So, obviously, I wouldn't want to do something like that. Running somewhere clean, safe, and welcoming to everybody would be the goal. There's no point in turning away customers by having the store look bad.

The problem there, even in a city like Savannah, with SCAD having its art college with a sequential art series, the market for comics isn't always that big. and the comics don't always help with that. And that's a little scary when looking at opening a shop. Comic stores are always shoestring businesses, which is part of the reason so many end up messy. There's lots of other things out there, and there's lots of TPBs and the like that provide more value for the money, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to try and change all of that. Or if I'd make any money doing it, and not just end up owing even more money when it failed.
John Egbert is king of the trolls. He fools them all with his derpy innocence, then knocks over their whole worlds. All of them.
I really should set up a program so that once a month, it pops up this XKCD strip as a reminder.

Stupid Car

Oct. 9th, 2007 11:46 am
Due to car expenses beyond my control, I'm way too broke to make it to SPX this weekend.

The other day I read the prequel comic for the Transformers movie. It was not so impressive, on several levels, since it didn't cover or explain much of the stuff you'd expect from a prequel. Nothing in it added anything that I'm sure won't be covered by the movie.

But that wasn't what really irked me. No, the part that really irritated me was an almost throwaway line. There's an Obligatory Secret Government Agency, and said Obligatory Secret Government Agency is studying an alien piece of tech they've found. So one of the new guys looks at the pictures on the wall and wonders "Is that Robert Oppenheimer?" And then they go through a couple of other names, and one of the old hands says "How did you think we won the space race?" And in the end they give credit to almost all modern tech, from microwave ovens to digital watches to breakthroughs from studying the alien tech.

Yeah, I bet if we did find alien tech, even broken alien tech, it'd probably lead to a number of breakthroughs. Even if the aliens aren't super-duper advanced, their tech would probably have advanced along slightly different paths and so on. But the writer gave credit for pretty much all of modern society to this alien tech, and that just pisses me off. It's totally devaluing the cleverness and genius of the human race. It implies everything we've done is just from taking things apart and making monkey copies of somebody else's stuff, instead of developing and discovering things for ourselves. Some great respect for the abilities of humanity there, guys.

Come on, we can discover stuff on our own. We're clever monkeys.
Today's xkcd is an idea gone too far.
Don't read about superhero comics on Wikipedia. Not because it's biased, but because reading the summaries of the stories will make you realize how absolutely stupid many of them are.


Mar. 7th, 2007 09:01 am
This xkcd strip is so true. I know because I totally did exactly that not five minutes later. Not as a joke.
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In an unusual turn of events, one of my offline friends recommended a webcomic to me. That comic was Lackadaisy Cats. She's an artist, and she kept insisting how good the art was, so I went and took a look after I'd caught up with the rest of my morning. And she's right, the art is extremely clean and detailed. And it's set in the late 20s, during the high times of Prohibition and mobsters and bootlegging. And it has scary redneck pig farmers, and all sorts of class.

If I'd been paying more attention to the WCCAs, I'd have probably already found it, apparently it won Best Anthro Comic. I'm not entirely sure it has a set update schedule, but there's enough of an archive to get an idea where things are going.

And the main character has a big dashing hat with a feather in it, and I'm totally a sucker for those.
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Today's xkcd is brilliant. And it definitely could only work as a webcomic. Stick figure free software ninja jokes have a relatively limited audience, but I am completely that audience. Everybody here probably already knows all this, of course. There's just so many things about xkcd I like. Unfortunately, I'm a lot worse at detailing the reasons I like something than I am at detailing the reasons I don't. Maybe part of it's a feeling that the world should be more like what happens in the strip. Maybe it's the free mix of math and science and pop culture and romance and idealism and absurdity that just hooks in to almost everything I'm predisposed to like, growing up when and how I did. Or maybe it's the sense where I can look at the comics, and there's the absurd and the funny, and then there's the ones that feel True. I think that's probably the biggest thing. A lot of the comics feel like they're True, not just the ones that have happened to me. (Okay, not the part about walking around the world, but the doing something and thinking that)
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And lack thereof. Today’s DM of the Rings shows exactly why most RPGs skip over the whole “romance” angle despite how important it is to many fantasy stories.

And the still frames from LotR are just perfect, along with the dialogue.


Jan. 20th, 2007 10:34 pm
I know I've gushed about this comic over on [livejournal.com profile] snarkoleptics before, but I figured I should say it here. xkcd is at least seventeen kinds of awesome, and some of the comics on it are the best illustrations of things I've felt. Such as this relevant one.
For a long while, I've thought sexual frustration was one of the main things driving mad scientists. So if they started getting laid, they'd be a lot less likely to want to blow up the world. The last few months of Narbonic have hinted at the same thing, at least in Shaneon's world.

I'm feeling particularly sorry for Madblood, the only kind of relationships he seems to be able to manage are with arch-nemeses. Nd mostly they just play Parcheesi. Find him a nice little cute lab assistant who likes him, and he'd probably end up doing something useful with an arctic base. Maybe that's why Helen's mom cloned Helen, besides all the other crap that comes with relationships.

Hmm. Nobody tell Artie, he'd try and set up a mad scientist dating service to do good, and it'd end up almost destroying the world. Probably because mad scientists don't just tend to go drink when they get dumped.

I wonder if I should post this to [livejournal.com profile] snarkoleptics, it doesn't really involve anything useful, though.
Okay, I already posted about it over at [livejournal.com profile] snarkoleptics, but I wanted to link it here too. Dresden Codak is a really pretty comic, and nifty. I don't really think I need to say any more about it.
SPX is this weekend. I KNEW there was something I needed to make sure I had this weekend off for.

Hmm. Maybe I can find somebody to swap to cover Saturday for me.
Inspired by a discussion over on Tim's forum...

A lot of the problems in the paper comics industry would probably get a lot better if everyone involved (fans, creators, etc) were getting laid more often.

I'm just sayin.

Just FYI

Sep. 13th, 2006 10:08 pm
I'm sure most of you have seen this either thanks to Snarkoleptics or Greg, but Elf Only Inn is back.



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